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Free Directory Listing

Choose this plan to create a free basic directory listing that only includes the minimum amount of information to be beneficial for search engine optimization. Only allowed 2 images on this plan.

  • 365 days
  • 2 images allowed.
Paid SEO Package Directory Listing

Upgrade your free directory listing to our Ultimate SEO paid directory listing for access to all of the search engine optimization benefits that come with, including but not limited to:
- being able to upload 12 photos to your listing now, as well as
- having your listing appear above free listings in the search results,
- short description character limit increased from 125 to 200,
- access to the long business description with 500 characters,
- Ability to include an email address and website address,
- Access to the rating system to display with your posting!

  • 365 days (Recurring)
  • 12 images allowed.
$ 39.99